Investment Approach

Castlebrooke has an established investment approach that utilises our substantial in-house experience and broad market knowledge. We pro-actively source investment opportunities from our comprehensive network of contacts and exploit our industrywide reputation for deal-making to access off and on-market transactions across the UK.

Castlebrooke design a bespoke strategy for each investment opportunity. Any investment we make is with a view to holding it for the long term which allows us to use our extensive experience to decide on the optimum time to exit.

Castlebrooke have direct access to a mandated ‘boutique’ of substantial capital which enables us to exploit each investment opportunity in the most appropriate manner. We deploy our own capital in joint venture and private schemes in order to align ourselves with our investors. Alongside this, we have a number of active mandates from large real estate investors. Castlebrooke and its predecessor Carisbrooke, consistently outperforms the IPD benchmark across all asset classes and investment strategies.

The combination of top-down and bottom-up investment strategies enables us to forensically analyse assets/portfolios and formulate comprehensive business plans that unlock and add value. We employ best-in-class professional advisors with proven track records to provide efficient advice that complements our entrenched entrepreneurship. Essentially, Castlebrooke produces outperformance.